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Not Forgotten: The Band – Music From Big Pink

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Not Forgotten – Bob Dylan – Planet Waves

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List – Jaw-dropping debut albums

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The Band are an acts whose heavyweight reputation promises far more than it actually delivers. For all the revisionist history since, in truth they only released two truly world class albums, Music From Big Pink and their eponymous second. That said, those two albums are probably responsible for influencing more Americana acts than anyone else …

Over looked, underrated and generally seen as a lesser work due to the fact it wasn’t recorded in the 60s or Blood on the Tracks, Planet Waves is one of those albums that you eventually buy when you see it cheap in a sale. This is a little unfair as it’s actually one of Bob …

The debut album, by it’s very definition is a crucial album for any act, as it’s success or failure will inevitably dictate their future success. Sure, the act may have scored a few hit singles, or maybe had a few well-received EPs, or even a mini-album, but it’s that crucial full length debut which counts. …