Track: Automan – Peace

Lily Doidge

Alongside the announcement of Debut EP ‘Vegetables’ which is due for release on the 20th of October, London’s Automan have shared their new single ‘Peace’. The track stands as the second and final teaser of their debut EP.

‘Peace’ channels both the paranoia of an exhausted, sleep-deprived brain, and as well as their own vulnerability at trying to confront it, as songwriter Freddie Brown explains:

“‘Peace’ channels that feeling of when your brain is so loud that you can’t sleep; in the middle of the night, your thoughts are at their worst, and that acute sense of paranoia can quickly spiral out of control. I wrote it in the middle of the night, thinking I was copying Morning Bell by Radiohead. I got hooked on this two chord sequence, addicted to the way they don’t quite solve each other – just the right amount of uncomfortable.”

A groove laden track with a superb paranoid inflicted vocal and scorching guitar work. The catchy clever guitar work is the key to this track’s brilliance, as it propels the track along creating something a little different to what else is out at the moment.

Check it out, here

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