Track: Canned Pineapple Shine On Fuzzy New Single ‘She Says’

Channeling a infectious fuzzy-indie-scuzz-pop sound, the new single ‘She Says’ from Canned Pineapple showcases a tight yet warming and messy lo-fi sound akin to The Strokes first album.

Having already gained widespread support on press and radio, the Brighton 5-piece have spent the last few months touring both across the UK and the US, growing their following and continuing to build on the already feverish hype surrounding their music. Build around boxy, distorted, intricately picked guitar licks and buoyant 60s tinged melodies, ‘She Says’ holds a vibrant sense of charm as it moves from the catchy chorus to a brilliantly executed middle eight and back again.

The vibrant guitar solo grows into the euphoric final chorus, keeping its sense of lightness and fun throughout as the lead vocals take on a Mick Jagger-esque swagger, highlighting the bands unique charisma and their radiant ability to make you smile.

Speaking on the track the band explain:

“I wrote this song when I was asking rock hero Paul Steel for advice on writing tunes, he put me onto that Eels track Susan’s house where the verses are like the loud bit and then the chorus is really nice and sweet. Also I think thematically the verse has a darker sentiment lyrically. We recorded this track with Tom from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard who really brought out what the song resembles to us as a group rather than just me, the songwriter.”

Listen below:

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