Out on September 18th is Makeshift Future, the debut album from Toronto folk band Decoration Day and from it the band has released a new single, Sadness in Disguise.

 “I began writing Sadness in Disguise during a period of depression, and finished it in the midst of deep grief for a loved one dying,” explains multi-instrumentalist Tiffany Wu. “During that time, I found myself intellectually sorting through these complex emotions and measuring my progress within the stages of grief. Since then, I’ve learned that while there is a time for clarity and quantifiability, there is also a time for feelings to simply be felt all the way through. A time to inquire and unmask all the ways sadness presents itself, to trust the process and feel our way forward.”

There’s a serene beauty about the track, which is largely these sweet, innocent sounding vocals, accompanied by the gentle strum of the guitars and what sounds to be a clarinet and a lap steel that converses and engages with the vocals in such a way that it draws out the emotion, and makes it a raw and affecting listen.

It’s beautiful. Thats it. Check it out, here