Track: London Grammar – Metal and Dust

Everything was always about the start, as far as my P.E. teacher was concerned at secondary school. I forget his real name, but like all P.E. teachers, and probably most teachers in general he had a nickname; Fade. This was because (and remember this was the 80’s by the way) if we dared to forget our kit, we would have to jog up and down the hall/court/pitch/field until he shouted over ‘What are you?’ and we would have to shout back, ‘I am a worm’, and at the end of every lesson he would look at his watch and say ‘fade away, worms’ and we were expected to go. So ‘Fade’ stuck. His point was, in relation to actual physical education and the winning of sports there of, that success in virtually every sport is dependant on the start that you have.

lonson grammar 2

Judging by the start that London trio (via meeting each other at university in Nottingham) London Grammar have had, I would have thought it’s a safe bet that they will achieve a lot of success. The trio, made up of Hannah Reid, Daniel Rothman and Dot Major have been writing, playing and performing together for a couple of years, and the first track they let loose on the public ‘Hey Now’, started a buzz about them, and now their first actual release see’s that track on the flip side of ‘Metal and Dust’. It’s available as a 7″ single that can be pre-ordered here and is out on 25th February.

London Grammar – Metal and Dust

It’s a gorgeous slice of chilly, if not actually frozen electronica,  ‘We argue, we don’t fight, stay awake in the middle of the night’ sings Hannah Reid as the track continues on its own Zero 7/Lamb/*insert trip-hop band here* way, its slightly downbeat vocal seemingly unaware that as it goes on, the track thaws and warms around it, gradually building to a head, until they end up swirling around each other before ending.

With an album on the way, and a general buzz that saw one London show sell out, the Electrowerkz on March 27th, (the next chance to see them will again be in the capital, at Islington Assmebly Hall on  15th May) London Electricity are out of the blocks very quickly indeed. Fade would have been proud.

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