Dom Sith, a minimalist electronic artist belonging to the burgeoning Hull music scene, has released his fourth track, ‘Hood’, in the wake of a triptych of singles that have been at once scintillating and almost sinister.

‘Hood’ is undeniably a nocturnal piece, with coruscating synths against an insurgent bassline: a masterful balance of light and dark. Though there are elements of ‘Hood’ that are tinged with a certain melancholia, particularly in the introduction with wavering sound that is almost like a violin in nature and effect, Sith countervails it with ethereal notes that make the track very light and nymph-like. Similar to ‘Future’, its predecessor, ‘Hood’ is demonstrative of Sith’s skill to incorporate what are traditionally beautiful sounds, and dirty them with looming bass-drops that create something subtly emotive and commanding.

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