Track: Eskobar – Nobody Higher – No One Above

It’s remarkable enough to release six singles over the space of as many months, but to deliver such quality both in terms of music and visuals is astounding. Sweden’s Eskobar have done just that. Their distinctive form of retro rock, gathering in all that was good in the nineties Madchester era and creating a sparkling, effervescent brand of their own, has been a joy to follow. Their new single, ‘Nobody Higher – No One Above’ is no different.

Veering ever so subtlety into a more muted psychedelic sound, the hallmarks of Eskobar’s inherent skills at crafting damned good pop melodies are clear and upfront with the anthemic choruses and the inherent danceability. Swirling guitars, muted vocals and the usual thundering rhythm section are here, but also a sense of positivity and euphoria. A light in the dark tunnel that is 2020.

Singer Daniel Bellqvist continues to put his varied skills on display again, directing the accompanying trippy, psychedelic video:

There are few surprises left for their new album ‘Chapter 2’ but one thing for certain is that we already know it’s filled with real gems.

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