Track: The Besnard Lakes – Raindrops plus album news

The new single from Canadian band The Besnard Lakes is nothing short of magnificent. It has all the euphoria and pulse-racing joy you find in the works of bands like Sigur Ros, with Beach Boys/The Mamas and the Papas harmonies and a dream-like psychedelic shimmer reminiscent of The Verve or The Cocteau Twins.

According to the band,

This song and video details a psychedelic flight through the mind while deep in an altered state. The song lyrically references the death of Mark Hollis from Talk Talk (“Garden of Eden spirited”) and also describes the idea of evolution determining the story of the Garden of Eden.

There is a lucidity and noble presence in the measured driving pace and angelic vocals that are layered, harmonised and utterly celestial. Absolutely imbued with charisma and enigmatic, the song is beautifully enhanced by the gorgeous video that was shot by Joseph Yarmush:

The Besnard Lakes are so very exciting, it is rare a release creates such untrammelled joy. ‘Raindrops’ is simply achingly beautiful and moving music: completely enchanting and mesmerising music.

This is the first single of a forthcoming double album entitled rather magnificently ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings’ out on 29 January 2021 through Flemish Eye / Fat Cat Records. You can get the single and pre-order the album through the link below:

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