Track: Eyezon – Rubies and Raindrops

Saying goodbye is always hard. The baseball broadcaster Ernie Harwell found a good way around it. ‘It’s time to say goodbye’ he said ‘but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure’.

Eyezon, the South African native and Northern California resident is also saying goodby to hip-hop before he moves onto a genre he describes as ‘a mixture of Afrobeat truth consciousness with a California street swagger morphed with Hip Hop and drenched in cultural roots’. It’s a genre he’s labelled ‘Africali’.

His last project before he launches into his Africali project is an album, ‘Future Weapon Soul’ and from it, he’s released a track, Rubies and Raindrops. It promises to be a mixture of synths and 808 sounds, mixed with live instrumentation. It’s co-produced by Eyezon himself in conjunction with London producer Joshua DaMonoway.

The track opens with this warm piano sample, which gives the whole track this laid back feeling. It builds over the course of the song, with added synths stabbing and swirling around the song. Its has this soul about it, not just from the vocal that wraps its way around Eyezons slick rhyming, but from its whole hometown life attitude. 

Looks like Eyezon is saying goodbye to hip-hop with a bang

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