Premiere: A Jokers Rage – Temptress

Out on November 21st is ‘Black Sheep’, the new EP from Yorkshire alt-rockers A Joker’s Rage. At once alternating between sweet and sour, powerpop to pure aggression, the band have been earning fans (including us here at Backseat Mafia) for their outlandish live shows, so when we had the change to premiere ‘Temptress’ from the EP, we snapped it up.
Described by vocalist Zakky Boy Taylor described the song as being “the only song on the record that has a basic ‘boy meets girl’ scenario. Again based on a real experience off the back end of some very dark times. It’s a fun, funky and groovy song that just creates somewhat of an interval between the intensity and darkness of the others.”
Opening with this burst of energy, that drives on through the whole track aided by and indebted to Matt Collinge’s disco rock delivery on the skins and cymbals, Temptress shows that the boys are in full blown party mode as vocalist Taylor soars over the top of this Aerosmith like melody, sugared with backing vocals and obligatory chopping guitar solo. Hold on to your hats people, A Joker’s Rage are coming.

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