Track: Hell’s Ditch – Take The Night Off

Steven Haddock

British punk rock group Hell’s Ditch are back with their brand-new single ‘Take The Night Off’ which is out now via Silent Cult Records.

Singer Nick Davis comments:

“We’re made to feel lucky that we have a job and that we should be grateful for the opportunity to fight over scraps from the tables of the political class. People deserve more than just the bare minimum – we
deserve dignity and good quality of life. Take The Night Off is about the need to live a life beyond the daily grind. Bread and roses, if you will”.

Intelligent lyrics and pop elements really see this track shine. The hooky guitar parts that set up each verse get under your skin before the chorus takes over and blows you away. Hell’s Ditch are bringing a little bit of light on these gloomy winter days with cracking tunes like this one.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

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