Track: Ewan MacFarlane – Stirrin In The City

Former Grim Northern Social frontman and long-time member of electro maestros Apollo 440, Ewan MacFarlane has shared his first solo single ‘Stirrin In The City’. The track proceeds his debut solo album which is due later this year.

Regarding the single, Ewan says:

“You could see the joy, relief and excitement in people’s faces at finally being allowed out again. And even though the weather changed from beautiful spring sunshine to snow in the blink of an eye, no one cared!” In the face of unprecedented restrictions of precious liberties, ‘Stirrin’ In The City’ captures the very palpable sense of liberation that came with the renewed capacity to connect with others. As Ewan himself puts it “the words ‘what a day’ kept looping in my mind as we walked, and then I knew I had it.”

A track full of promise and hope, from one of the nicest men in rock n roll capturing the feeling of a nation. A huge vocal belting out joyous lyrics over a huge soundtrack of banging drums and rock guitar. This is for playing loud with the windows open enjoying the singing in the rain vibe. If you haven’t heard this mans voice before, then now is the time.

Check it out, here

Find out more via MacFarlane’s Website or Facebook

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