Track: Hate World Hero – The Beast Has Awoken

Milla Keskipoikela

Finnish Rovaniemi-based melodic metal band Hate World Hero released a new single ‘The Beast Has Awoken’ via Inverse Records.  

The band comments:

“The Beast Has Awoken is about the awakening or waking up of The Beast. The Beast itself can signify anyone or anything, even an object or an experience. In life we face setbacks, doubts and downplay from different directions, but once you find your inner spark and let it burn, it will break all chains and kick-start you on new paths, although others might not always understand. What is The Beast then? That’s for you to decide! The Beast Has Awoken is a powerful, fast-paced, and energetic song that rolls on with rising intensity and enormous power. The song’s pace, melodicity and massive choruses will no doubt make you bang your heads. The Beast Has Awoken was composed by Hannu Kuoksa with lyrics written by Teemu Huhtala.”

Huge riffing, dramatic synths and soaring vocals, allows this track to scratch the epic metal itch you may have. Throw in a fret board melting solo and you should leave very satisfied indeed.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Facebook

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