PREMIERE: LUMBEROB serves up some ‘FRIEDLEGGINGS’ as he releases his debut album

No idea what Rob Erickson is doing in that press photo up there but we’d be doing the same thing if we had an album out today. Speaking of, New Yorker Erickson—otherwise known as the caps-lock key-destroying LUMBEROB—has an album out today! It’s called LANGUAGE LEARNER and it’s a hell of a trip, a 22-track joyride to who knows where. Which is to say: it’s weird, it’s playful and it’s a lot of fun.

To coincide with the release, Erickson’s dropped a video for the 100-second psych-pop nugget ‘FRIEDLEGGINGS’, a song in which he appears to be doing his very best Panda Bear from Animal Collective impression, so that’s the musical ballpark we’re in. Visually? Dance moves, and lots of them. In typically cryptic fashion, he had this to say: ‘Move out the way now. This high-brow squeaky tweeker goes giggly, jumps bad, turns wiggly. It’s a picture of pleasure, this mixture we measure in bumps & grinds. I say move something, this bouncy build, this grilled cheese and “FRIEDLEGGINGS.” Whisper their name as you doodle their smile. Get close, now closer, you messy microdoser. It’s a visual form, this tweeky squeaker.’

Yes, quite. The song’s a delight; so too is its video, and we’re premiering the latter as LANGUAGE LEARNER hits the streets today via Shimmy-Disc. If you want to do the FRIEDLEGGINGS, check out the clip.

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