TRACK: Henry Carlyle – A Bigger Splash

Singer Henry Carlyle looking out from a screen

The Orielles guitarist and song-writer Henry Carlyle has released his second solo single ‘A Bigger Splash‘ which follows 2021 debut single ‘The Ground‘. Opening with “5, 7, 1, 2” did make me smile and I had to double-check I was listening to the right track as the vocal sounds mature beyond his years. Yes the title, ‘A Bigger Splash‘ is inspired by the name of the painting by David Hockney but combined with the realisation that carefree youth is quickly dissipating. It’s a suitably ambitious, bold track and at almost 5minutes provides a more measured pace than his post-punk contemporaries. However that is not to say that it’s constant throughout, or bland. The vocal key change midtrack perhaps speaks of the slight confusions of late youth. Henry also showcases his guitar skills especially in the last third of the track with an increasingly fuzzed-up sequence.

Originally from Halifax but now residing in Manchester, Henry states that the track was written as a bi-product of “going through stuff and not really having time to think properly”. Expanding on this he says:

“I was thinking how these formative years might affect people as they move on. Which is why the song’s initial musical idea stuck with me and interested me a lot as a theme; it fluctuates between two keys, the end improvisation being the ultimate mediation in that idea. It all feels as I felt, in turmoil.

“The lyrics are mostly about self-medicating, trying to instantly feel better for a transient moment and then reeling from that for a longer period of time than the intended relief. Which is why the chorus only comes once and is only two lines long. Nothing good lasts too long and goodness changes all the time.”

Backing vocals are by Julia Bardo and Jake Bogacki is on drums.

Having already provided support to both Porij and English Teacher, Henry is building a solid base from which to further develop his sound.

For more information on Henry Carlyle please checkout his bandcamp and facebook.

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