Track: Loyle Carner – Yesterday

Loyle Carner returns with his first single and video of 2020, ‘Yesterday’, out today via Republic Records. ‘Yesterday’ also features critically acclaimed producer, Madlib, providing the beats that sit under Loyle’s inimitable flow and uncompromising verses.

Loyle comments:

“It’s no secret Madlib is my musical hero. I wrote this almost 2 years ago, but at first had trouble with clearing the sample and thought it would never see the light of day.
“It’s really just about what it is to be black and white, in a world where you pretty much have to be one or the other.
“It hurts the way I felt about my race back then, is the same way I feel now. Nothings changed since my last entry, nothing’s changed since the last century.
“I hope that soon this song is nothing more than a reminder of a different time, and collectively we’re able to move forward to a time of more respect, acceptance, and understanding.”

With the lyrics touching on social injustice, ‘My grandfather getting knuckled by the pepper spray. More fire brixton riots. Like a renegade’ The words are hard hitting yet softly delivered. Madlib has backed Carner up with a golden age jazz infused track with big horns and strong backbone of bass and drums. Carner is often praised for the perfect matching of music to lyrics and this track just gives justice to that praise.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Carner’s Twitter or Instagram

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