Track: Molly Roberts Showcases Her Soaring Vocals On New Single ‘Hearts’

Returning with her second single and once again showcasing her uplifting, heartfelt songwriting, London Singer-Songwriter Molly Roberts shines on ‘Hearts’.

Not only a display of her effortlessly moving piano and string arrangements, ‘Hearts’ is also a stunning example of Molly’s abilities as vocals with soaring high notes and tight, beautiful harmonies. Thematically melancholic, covering loss, love and heartbreak, the track’s bright instrumentation and Molly’s flawless vocals also offer a hopeful, uplifting and refreshing side to the track – a warming, homely and comforting feel.

Speaking about the song’s message, Molly explains: “I wanted the lyrics to paint little pictures throughout the song and to capture lots of different memories and moments in time. It was amazing to have a live string quartet on the track. I love the sound of strings and always imagined a violin on the track as the central lyric of the song is: ‘All we are, two broken hearts, drifting through the wind, hear the violins’.”

At only 2.36, the track is short and sweet, doing only what is required and demanding that you hit play again as soon as it’s ended. Molly’s unique blend of classical and pop is something to be admired when so many singer-songwriters lean towards massive electronic production in order to enhance their music, she sticks to her guns and remains true to her sound and her identity as an artist.

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