Track: Nobody – Stronger Than Blood

Tuomas Kauppinen is the Finnish one-man acoustic black metal troubadour, known as Nobody. He is set to release a debut album Atmosfear on June 26th 2020 via Inverse Records.

Tuomas Kauppinen comments: “Stronger than blood is a musical journey inside the mind of a great manipulator, who can persuade children to turn against their parents and brother against sister – just by wielding the power of his personality. His method is dissimulation and his object to become a God. This piece is a study, thereby, of religion.”

Flamenco flavoured guitar kicks this track off but the vocals are all black metal. A strained growl like the devil himself. Like a black metal version of The Devil goes down to Georgia, just without the fiddle. You need to hear this.

Check it out, here

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01. Intro
02. Stronger Than Blood
03. Ruthless Vicar
04. Anubis I
05. Anubis II
06. The Dark Marquis
07. The Great Stink
08. Unholy Intoxication
09. Atmosfear
10. Dreams And Imaginations I
11. Dreams And Imaginations II
12. Lover’s Lament
13. Orgasm Of Blasphemy
14. Uncontainable
15. Visionary I
16. Visionary II
17. Outro

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