Track: Private Life – Lost Boy

Melbourne, Australia two piece electro-pop outfit Private Life, aka Renee Anderson and Jamie Barlow have just released a new single ‘Lost Boy’. Its the follow up to acclaimed release Dragon, a self-titled debut EP in 2013 and singles Run Run and Follow The Sun.

It’s got this almost haunting, spacious quality about it, draped in echo and shrouded in this electronic hue, it slowly unravels, revealing simple piano lines along with a minimal beat and some echoey vocals and shards of electronic sound. Over the top lead singer Renee (if she seems familiar, she leant her voice to the Phantom Posse record) sings of heartbreak and loneliness ‘Somebody somebody special, once said I was their favorite person’ she cooes, before adding ‘But I don’t know, I don’t know where he went / Like a lost boy, he lives only in my head
& I know I’ll never see him again / he is my lost love, floating in the wind’

Heartbreaking. Check it out, here

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