Track: Quantic & Nidia Gongora- new track, Balada Borracha, plus album announcement

The story goes that musician, producer and global fusion pioneer Will ‘Quantic’ Hudson first heard Colombian singer songwriter Nidia Gongora’s singular voice through the wall of his Cali apartment busting out from his neighbour’s CD player. So we can be forever thankful for next door’s exquisite taste in repeat plays and the low grade partitions in Quantic’s block for bringing this vibrant musical partnership together.

Whenever the pair collaborate they conjure the perfect balance of intuition and respect, invention and risk-taking. That combination of Gongora’s soulful marimba roots and Quantic’s uncanny ear for new beat/traditional blends promises magic and always delivers. ‘Curao’ their previous full length album in 2017 drew high praise from those that should know. Then came a pause until 2019 when Nidia’s smokey smooth vocals pushed the spacey samba ‘Tierra Mama’ from Quantic’s ‘Atlantic Oscillations’ LP into a different orbit.

Now comes the announcement of their next joint project, ‘Almas Conectadas’, a full length album due 22nd October on Tru Thoughts and to make the wait a little more tolerable a preview track ‘Balada Borracha’ available immediately through those familiar digital platforms. It’s a tantilising glimpse of what the new record may deliver, a rolling joyful bar room chorus where the cumbia rhythm bounces, the strings yearn and Gongora plays the rousing chanteuse. There are hints on ‘Balada Borracha’ of a more traditional acoustic approach but even in this four minute taster you get a dash of fuzzed Tropicalia guitar to keep you on your toes. So there’s no second guessing this partnership and that’s the beauty of the Quantic/Nidia Gongora combo.

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