Track: Ramblin’ Preachers – Jealousy

Ramblin’ Preachers bring the heat with their riff fuelled powerhouse ‘Jealousy’ with a slamming catchy chorus that’s sure to have people singing along.

Ross Connor states:

“Jealousy was written out of anger, frustration and using people’s negativity to empower us to keep going. “Why don’t you just give up the music?” “What’s more important? The band or working?” “Do people even listen to that music?” These are just a couple of phrases that I’ve heard throughout my life, but something I have noticed is how the people I’ve heard it from, all have the same thing in common. Yes, they work, but they have no hobbies, nothing that makes them interesting, all they can talk about is working.”

“I’ve always put these comments down to nothing but jealousy and the fact that we get to emotionally express ourselves through music. I think I speak for anyone that plays music or gets to do something they love no matter what it is, gives us a reason to wake up in the morning and it gives us a purpose in life. It is quite often an escape from reality. That’s what ‘Jealousy’ is about.”

With a call-to-arms drum beat, smoking blues riffing and emotive vocals, the track whips and cracks, especially on the chorus. This is a powerhouse of a track with an intensity that’s infectious and a credit to these guys’ musicianship that they craft songs as well as this one.

Check it out, here

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