Track: Svalbard – How To Swim Down

Georgia Penny

Svalbard have shared the third single from their forthcoming album ‘The Weight Of The Mask’, due the 6th of October via Nuclear Blast. The track ‘How To Swim Down’ is Svalbard’s most unique and moving work to-date, featuring heart-rending, ethereal violin parts from Liam Phelan, and a profound vocal performance from Serena Cherry.

The track is accompanied by a beautiful animated video, created by Boy Tillkens. The heart-breaking animation is a delicate portrayal of humanity, detailing the tenderness and strength found in existence.  

Svalbard’s Serena Cherry commented,

“This song is about the exquisite pain and sorrowful beauty of unrequited love. I think it’s the saddest, most heart-breaking song we’ve ever written. Lyrically, the starting point of the verse is about concealment of adoration, before the chorus gives way to realising and accepting a fate of loving someone quietly from afar.” 

“I cannot watch the music video for How To Swim Down without crying. Boy has captured the bittersweet emotion of the song so delicately, it’s an incredibly moving piece of animation to watch.” 

“Musically, How To Swim Down saw us dive into unchartered waters with Liam adding many layers of mournful violin parts onto the track. Finally, violins – for the first time in Svalbard history! It feels so exciting to have new instruments on a song. Another first is that How To Swim Down features only clean vocals, no screams. I wanted the vocal delivery of these lyrics to feel as though I’m whispering a secret to someone whilst they’re sleeping. My vocals here represent that lonely type of communication, singing to yourself in an empty house. It’s a private, selfless love song, where only the listener knows of my heartache.”

A huge track that points to the real depth of the band’s talent as songwriters. The band use everything at their disposal to strengthen the punch of the track’s emotive power. Beautifully produced they mix hard hitting heavy guitars with the swirling golden haze of cleaner guitar and violin as Cherry delivers angelic vocals. The rumble of drums keep things grounded in military position as you fall for the bands majestic creation.

Check it out, here

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