Track: The Alchemy – Sun Bleached

With their brand new album ‘Somewhere // Anywhere due out on 28th November The Alchemy have shared another teaser with new single ‘Sun Bleached’.

The band states:

Sam : I approached the drums for Somewhere//Anywhere in a completely different way to our previous record (Idle Ghosts). Instead of taking my time to write each part of the songs, I used whatever came out at the time of writing, which felt a lot more fresh and real, a lot more me.

Rhys : Somewhere // Anywhere marked a significant milestone for us as a band. It was the
first album where we took full control of the entire production process, from writing
to recording, mixing, and mastering. This allowed us to truly express our artistic vision in every aspect.

Jack : Being the newest member of the alcopops I was looking forward to seeing what adding my flavours would do to the Sawce. I feel the input of the three of us in this album is a bit like the blend of marmite,
bread and cheddar. Not everyone will like it but those who do love it. The writing process seemed to fly by. Started with no songs and BANG suddenly there was an album.

An anthemic track with ear-catching harmonies and foot-stomping rhythms. Drenched in shimmering guitars and a pulsating backline allowing the vocals to make a real impact on the listener. ‘Sun Bleached’ is the best yet with a cracking vocal performance and solid songwriting. This band is set to make some big waves in the music world.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

Read our interview with the band here

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