Meet: British Rock Band The Alchemy

The Alchemy are a thrilling new British rock band, crafting catchy and anthemic songs from a subconscious blend of the Rock, Indie and Electronic musical landscape they grew up in.

Give us a potted history of the band

We’re The Alchemy, a band formed in late 2015.  We kicked everything off with the release of our first EP, “Modern Age,” in May 2016. Shortly after, we introduced our debut album, “Chemical Daydream,” which we released through Standby Records.

Over the years, we’ve become more and more self-produced. During the lockdown period, we wanted to have more control and independence over our sound and career, so we built the studio and media hub. We are now completely independent and do all the creative side ourselves, including the music, but we also do all our videos, photos and other creative aspects. The Studio became the hub for our second album, “Idle Ghosts.” Doing all that during lockdown was such a great way to make a record with no real end game or knowledge of when it would be released, but it kept us mildly sane! 

Currently, we are eagerly preparing for the next and biggest chapter with the upcoming release of our third album, “Somewhere//Anywhere.” The album is set to launch later this year and will mark a new era for The Alchemy.

Along the way, we’ve had the incredible fortune of touring and sharing stages with remarkable bands such as I Am Giant, Mallory Knox, The Intersphere, and Captivates.

We’re damn excited to continue, connect with people, and explore new horizons and places we’ve never explored as a band with “Somewhere//Anywhere” and our latest single, “Birdsong.”

Who inspired you to start making music

Rhys: easy for me the standouts were watching Purple Rain as a kid Prince blew my little pea brain. My dad cranking U2 & Oasis records. Next thing, me, my bright red acoustic with my little Oasis chord book and I never looked back ! 

Sam: My first inspiration in music came from my uncle’s old record collection. He was a drummer and we used to listen to nothing but Led Zeppelin, Deep purple and The Police together. Along with my parents eclectic music taste, I’ve just always been around great songs. Playing music was inevitable for me.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically

Rhys: Biffy Clyro ‘Puzzles’, I’m a huge Biffy fan anyway, but that album for me made me fall in love with making full-length records and what you can do artistically. That record may not have all the best songs on it, but from start to finish, it works perfectly together it has this unique feeling and wholesomeness to it that I think you can only achieve with a record. 

If you’re trying to explain who you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

You know what, it’s Pretty decent. You should check it out. It sounds like you know, (and then re-enact “flawless” with my mouth playing all the elements at once). 

Tell us about your new single

Birdsong was birthed in the fire of a speed writing session between bass and drums. No hang-ups, just riff after riff no matter if they went together or not. This lead to tempo changes and flashes of multiple genres. Crazy is good, crazy is reliable. The lyrics are inspired by the political ridiculousness at the time and how Boris Johnson looks like Big Bird from the Muppets. 

Where can we get hold of it

You can find it on all visual and digital platforms. 

Tell us how you write

Our writing process has evolved over time, and for this record, we took a different approach that felt incredibly refreshing. While we used to do a lot of writing in the box, this time around, we started many tracks in our live room. It was a liberating experience to have Sam and Jack engage in manic drum and bass writing sessions while I (Rhys) would immerse myself in creating melodies and ideas on the acoustic guitar or piano. This shift allowed for a more organic and authentic feel to our music at this exact moment.

When it comes to our roles within the band, there are no strict divisions or designated responsibilities. We’ve always been completely collaborative and open. If someone comes up with a great part, then it’s a great part or a concept; we all embrace it. 

Tell us about your live show what would be your dream gig

Our live shows are an explosive experience filled with loud, energetic, and punchy performances. From the moment we step on stage, we give it our all. 

As for our dream gig, there’s no denying the allure of Glastonbury. The magnitude and iconic status of the festival make it an ultimate aspiration for us. The thought of performing on that legendary stage, surrounded by thousands, is truly exhilarating.

I do have an obsession with either Shepherd’s Bush Empire & Brixton Academy, Selling out of either of those would be monumental. 

What can we expect from you in the near future

This year is full of Songs, shows, videos and more songs. 

Tell us your favourite records that are rocking your headphones/tour bus / stereo

The Intersphere “Wanderer” these guys blow our brains more and more with every record. 

Check out the bands track Birdsong, below:

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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