Live Review and Gallery: Unveiling Indie-Pop Brilliance as Victoria Stuns at ‘Treats’ Album Launch – 10.12.23, Gadigal/Sydney

The Union Hotel in Gadigal/Newtown was illuminated with musical brilliance yesterday as Victoria, a supergroup of seasoned Australian musicians, graced the stage to unveil their newest album, ‘Treats‘. The ensemble, comprised of Cameron Emerson-Elliott (Youth Group), Alison Galloway (Smudge), Patrick Matthews (The Vines, Youth Group), and Max Doyle (Songs), proved to be a formidable force as they embarked on the launch of their latest musical masterpiece.

The Union Hotel, typically a laid-back watering hole, underwent a remarkable metamorphosis into a vibrant centre of anticipation and excitement as fans and unsuspecting weekend pub-goers alike converged, causing even ongoing pool games to come to a standstill.

The set itself was a testament to the band’s mastery, the sheer talent of each member was nearly overwhelming. Arun Kendall, in his review of the album ‘Treats,’ aptly observed, “Sometimes, all that glitters is in fact gold, and this album is pure gold from start to finish.” Not a beat was missed; every word shone, and their witty and radiant indie-pop melodies proved to be the perfect accompaniment for a Sunday afternoon.

Victoria turned out to be a gravitational pull. The infectious energy radiating from the band captivated everyone nearby, with people maneuvering closer to the front just to catch a glimpse of the performance. The diverse representation of locals crammed into the front room underscored the band’s widespread appeal. Each member exuded a welcoming aura, making the audience feel like they were part of something special.

In the aftermath of Victoria’s performance, the echoes of indie-pop perfection lingered, leaving Union Hotel patrons with a newfound appreciation for the magic that occurs when seasoned musicians come together to create something extraordinary. The ‘Treats’ album launch was a testament to Victoria’s knack for transforming anywhere, even the humble Union Hotel, into the epicentre of musical brilliance, reaffirming that when talent converges, magic happens.

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