SEE: bathed in black and red: Tally Spear’s new single, ‘Already Gone’

LONDON-based darkpop songstress Tally Spear has released the video for her third single, “Already Gone”, the footage for which was entirely self-shot and edited during the current lockdown. 

None-more 2020 pristine alt.pop with a sprinkling of goth imagery, the video is drenched in Tally’s signature colours of blood red and piercing black. It journeys through a patchwork of eerie shadows, black roses and ink splatters, accompanying the song, which addresses the trepidation of engaging in new experiences. 

Of the video, Tally says: “I wanted to represent the conflicting feelings in my song within the visuals, which fuse elegance and romance with darkness and mystery. 

“The track tackles feelings of detachment and distance. It is kind of the opposite of all the happy ‘honeymoon phase’ songs out there. I wanted to explore the sometimes negative thought processes surrounding new beginnings, and a desire for independence.” 

“Always Gone” is the latest song to be taken from Tally’s new EP, which is due out later this summer.

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