Track: The iconic Melbourne trio Even return with the jangly, sparkling pop of ‘Six Monkeys’

If you like a bit of jingle jangle guitar pop basted in a lashing of sixties sauce, then the iconic trio Even have just the thing for you – the tasty morsel of ‘Six Monkeys’. This is a bright and brilliant star in the firmament: a swinging, frilled sleeve suede-jacketed vibe with glorious melodies and harmonies. The driving rhythm section provide a solid base for the crunchy guitars and layered vocals.

This is pure pop fun, a perfect panacea for our dark times with a spring in its step and a laconic easy grin.

You can have a listen and download here:

Even have been together for an astonishing 25 years and released 7 studio albums over that time.

The band will be launching the single with a series of gigs across Australia – you can get details and tickets here. ‘Six Monkeys’ is the first taste of Even’s eighth album, which will be out on El Reno later in the year.

Even are singer/guitarist Ash Naylor, drummer Matt Cotter and bass player Wally Kempton. Naylor also spends his spare time as the newest guitarist for the legendary The Church.

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