Film Review: The Furies

Despite a (painfully) slow change in attitudes, we still live in a misogynistic and male dominated society. Whilst prejudice and discrimination might be on the wane, they’re still endemic within our patriarchal culture. As men, we often don’t realise how our daily interactions can undermine any progress. These small gestures or confirmations are often a microcosm of something far more worrying. The Furies is an extreme example of what can happen when this goes unchecked.

Kayla (Airlie Dodds) is meek and lacks self-confidence. She relies on her best friend Maddie (Ebony Vagulans) for pretty much everything. However, when they’re both abducted, she has to quickly learn to stand on her own two feet. After waking up in a box in the middle of nowhere, along with a handful of other women, Kayla discovers that she’s prey in a deadly game. One where losing means a brutal and bloody death.

The Furies is an interesting concept. One which mirrors the extremes of abuse and intimidation women sometimes face in our society. Director Tony D’Aquino sets out to subvert female stereotypes within genre cinema. His victims are not merely adornments or shiny objects. They are, in some way, the agents of their own fortunes. However, he’s only partially successful. And whilst there’s obviously good intentions at play, it’s an idea never fully realised or explored. The Furies is a near miss but one which will keep horror fans entertained.

The Furies is released on Digital HD by Signature Entertainment on 16 September.

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