Track: The legendary Crowded House are back with new sparkling single ‘Oh Hi’.

Crowded House, the global antipodean musical super stars, are treading the boards again with a new single entitled ‘Oh Hi’. As can be expected from these masters of the melody, ‘Oh Hi’ is a sprightly pure pop delight, with a soft approach that is laid back with layers of luscious harmonies. There is a sparkling shimmer, evoking lazy beachside indolence with cocktails, palm fronds waving and a dappled sunshine.

There is a good intent behind the single. The tune has a deep connection to Neil Finns support for So They Can, an international non-profit focused on building schools in remote parts of Kenya and Tanzania. Finn says:

I was inspired by children and thinking how much we need to let them learn and grow in safety and love. Then we could learn from them. There are so many out of view that can be magnificent if only given a microphone and a lightbulb.

Glorious, intelligent pop as ever:

Released through BMG, ‘Oh Hi’ is out now and available to download and stream here.

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