TRACK: Vera Hotsauce – ‘Ricochet’: railing against the wrongs

THE ARTIST’S name suggests that we’re in for a giggle to British ears, as it hints of something out of a 1960s’ Carry On film or a Frankie Howerd sketch.

But all is not what it seems. Vera Hotsauce is deadly serious and “Ricochet”, (referred to as a ‘diss track’) and video take aim specifically at 6ix9ine’s abuse of young women.

Who? 6ix9ine (say, ‘Six Nine’) is an American rapper, songwriter, and a convicted felon to boot, who was released from prison earlier this year; he was doing a stretch for conspiracy to murder (and not his first offence m’lud, his previous I’m afraid includes “using a child in a sexual performance”) because he suffers from asthma and it was thought the virus might get him.

I won’t go into the rest of his colourful history – you can easily Wiki it if you must – except to say that his moniker has nothing to do with his height (he’s actually 5ft 4½) but a lot to do with a sexual position. He’s there to be taken down by Vera, so to speak.

I can understand why Sweden’s Vera doesn’t care much for him and her particular beef is with his treatment of young girls, a status she still almost qualifies for herself – she’s only 20 – although she also apparently has it in for ‘cheaters, and ‘most men’.

She seems to sing “You used to be my man bitch, we was in the same clique, then you took some Lemsip”. The put-down lyrics have some venom later (“you’re so shameless, next year you’ll be nameless”).

About halfway through she flies off like Superwoman to confront ‘racists’, ‘police brutality’, ‘anti-feminists’ and then, paradoxically and perhaps childishly (or I just don’t get it) ‘toxic friends’, ‘cheaters’, ‘pineapple on pizzas’, and ‘people that don’t text back’, as well as Mr 6ix9ine. Later she twerks her butt at ‘my exes’ and kicks out at other things she doesn’t like, such as ‘violence’ and (oh dear) ‘early mornings.’, She’s entertaining.

Now she’s upped the ante and “will not be held back from speaking out against injustice.” We have been warned. Let’s hope we don’t end up in the firing line.

Vera Hotsauce’s album Hot n Saucy is available now.

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