Album Review: The Orange Revival – ‘Futurecent’

Anyone with enough nous, to come up with a transcendental record title as good as ‘Futurecent’, is guaranteed to pique my attention.

The Orange Revival have nous in abundance, as a listen to their sophomore LP will quickly attest.

“Emerging from the depths of Sweden, the band The Orange Revival playing experimental rock n’ roll”, says the band’s webpage by way of humble, understated introduction.

The Orange Revival burst forth with their now long sold out, 2011 debut album ‘Black Smoke Rising’, (I know because I just spent an hour trawling the internet in vain, for a vinyl copy).

They then cemented their reputation with constant touring, a 7″ single ‘Lying In The Sand’, mastered by Sonic Boom whom they met during a tour with his band Spectrum, all topped off with two stops at Austin Psych Fest.


‘Saturation’, initiates with an off kilter kick beat, a searching laid back vocal, the sweeping grandeur of a soaring guitar, anti-gravity reined in, hyperspatial overdrive, the hunger of strung out burning desire, “dream-on”…; ‘Lying In The Sand’, is a mescal soaked, orgasmic organ synth riff, a thrumming, tribal tumbleweed strewn desert highway; ‘Speed’, is a strutting serenade, a sonorously scuzzy, roadhouse stomp; Drawing a curtain on side one, ‘Setting Sun’, is a hazy, drowsy drone epic, the shimmering half-light, shot in glorious vista vision…

‘Carolyn’, is a melancholic, down beat lo-fi, a heart-rending, evocative, jaded drifter of a track; Picking up the pace again,’1999′, is a cautionary tale of anthemic proportions, a strident, swelling ascendency, glimpsing the soul through Cassiopeian windows; Album closer, ‘All I Need’, flourishes in resonant discord, an outpouring of celebratory, passionate adoration, a connective climactic finale.

There is a regal restrained magnificence and warm enveloping, to The Orange Revival’s full and persuasive sound.

The bristling energy of humbucker coiled potential, tantalisingly and achingly released as reverb sprung kinetic, at every beat.

The Orange Revival’s membership of The Pythagorean Brotherhood is assured, their “harmonic structure illustrates the great harmony of creation”.

With their track ‘Ever’, having featured on ‘The Reverb Conspiracy Vol.1’, it is perhaps fitting that The Orange Revival have found their spiritual home with Fuzz Club Records.

Mastered by Pete Kember, ‘Futurecent’ is released by Fuzz Club Records and is available from the Fuzz Club Record Store.

The Orange Revival will make a live appearance, at the eagerly anticipated Fuzz Club Festival in November.


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