ALBUM REVIEW: Weezer – OK Human

It’s clear that Weezer represent an easy target for any tongue-in-cheek listener. Even if New Radicals have come back on stage for an impromptu reunion celebrating Biden’s presidential inauguration, it’s not so frequent now to listen to stuff that could be aired on Mtv 25 years ago or so.
Weezer have been crucified for all possible reasons. Not innovating enough, innovating too much, but sometimes the focus is lost on what really matters – the songs.

It’s indeed possible not to like OK Human‘s baroque orchestral arrangements, but the sparkling quality of Rivers Cuomo’s songwriting in the record really shines throughout the record. Despite some slightly cringeworthy lyrics, the sheer strength of melody cannot be denied (“Bird With A Broken Wing”, “Playing My Piano”).
There is a playful mood, despite the melancholic themes, throughout the record, that makes it sound like the OST to a new Pixar movie (this is intended to be a compliment). Songs like “Aloo Gobi”, “Grapes Of Wrath” and “Here Comes The Rain” are instant headbangers. Few songwriters can write so light-footed in the contemporary scene.

Of course, this is one of the most radio-friendly albums you are probably going to listen to this year, reminding of a time when singles and videos were still a thing. If you don’t want to feel too guilty about listening to this, think about it as the sugary, flashy brother to Flake Music (The Shins’ early project).

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