DVD Review: Wolves

B Movie horror films, are to say the least, a mixed bag. The spectrum tends to run from absolutely atrocious to quite enjoyable. Occasionally, they’re so bad that they achieve a kind of cult status. Birdemic is a prime example of this. As is Troll 2 (Spoiler – Nilbog is goblin backwards?). Then there are movies such as Braindead which are just unadulterated fun. Unfortunately, all too often nowadays, they turn out to be second-rate parodies. Wolves has enough in common with Twilight to fall into the latter category, whilst not enough originality to be enjoyable.

Odd things are beginning to happen to Cayden Richards (Lucas Till). First there were the really bizarre nightmares. Then things started getting really weird. After attacking an opponent at a football game, then accidentally assaulting his girlfriend, he wakes up to find out he’s murdered his parents. He leaves town quickly, moving around and keeping his head down until he bumps into Wild Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) who points him in the direction of Lupine Ridge. Cayden finds the small town full with fellow lycanthropes, but no warm welcome.

Wolves could have been a fun film. It has Jason Momoa in it for one thing. However, it’s so badly acted and has such an infuriatingly dumb script, that there’s little to recommend it. Playing the love interest, Merritt Patterson is the only shining light, but she’s given so little to do it becomes frustrating. There are opportunities for her to join forces with Cayden, but she’s just painted as a victim. There’s also a twist that gets bizarrely ignored. Wolves feels like a boring filler section in a Twilight movie. Avoid.

Wolves is released on DVD by Altitude Films on March 2.

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