J Hubner

About the Author J Hubner

Born in the bosom of the Midwest, USA, J Hubner grew up in a woods next to a cornfield that was just a throwing distance to a lake. Music has been a constant in J Hubner's life since he was a little kid soundtracking epic battles with Star Wars action figures with his older brother's Deep Purple, Megadeth, and W.A.S.P. cassettes. He started playing guitar at 12 and since 2006 has self-released 10 albums under the names Goodbyewave, Sunnydaymassacre, Dream District, and J. Hubner. Three years ago J Hubner began writing about music independently. Album reviews, artist interviews, and general musings on his love of music. He writes at www.jhubner73.com, www.backseatmafia.com, and several smaller musical publications. J Hubner is married with three kids and a miniature schnauzer named Otto. He still resides in the Midwest, USA. Near that same lake.