Premiere : Jack Ellister Readies New Album ‘Telegraph Hill’; Watch Psychedelic “Mind Maneuvers” Video

Singer/songwriter Jack Ellister is readying the release of his new album Telegraph Hill, and in preparation for that he’s dropped a new video for the psych pop track “Mind Maneuvers”. A mix of 60s technicolor psych, Pink Floyd atmosphere, and early 70s mind expansion, the new album will excite anybody that loves the lilt of light-headedness psychedelics and high-in-the-sky soundscapes. Take early Bowie, Meddle-era Pink Floyd, and even bits of Donovan and mix them in a magic mushroom concoction and drink it down.

With “Mind Maneuvers”, it opens on acoustic guitar and light percussion with some flute thrown in for good measure. Ellister brings us into his musical world lightly, then the song kicks into a full-on space jam complete with synths and loping drums. The visuals accentuate the aural experience perfectly. This is a heady trip with both a melancholy melody and a otherworldly feel.

Check out the video below, and pick up Telegraph Hill November 27th via You Are The Cosmos. US distribution thru Get Hip.


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