Blu-ray Review: All About Evil

Deborah at the microphone

When Netflix released the critically and publicly acclaimed Russian Doll in 2019 it marked another fascinating step in the career of Natasha Lyonne. She first came to prominence at the end of the last century in teen comedies such as American Pie and But I’m a Cheerleader. Going on to make the gradual transition into indie horror before (seemingly) a lurch back into the mainstream. All About Evil is somewhere in the bloody middle.

After the death of her father (Robin Calvert), Deborah (Lyonne) is determined to make his decrepit movie theatre, The Victoria, a success. Her mother (Julie Caitlin Brown) scoffs at these dreams, convinced that the only thing she’s likely to do is go bankrupt. She has a few loyal customers though, particularly the teenage Steven (Thomas Dekker), who is there every night. One day Deborah snaps and kills her mother live on CCTV. Inadvertently transforming herself into a filmmaker.

All About Evil is best viewed after a few beers and with lively company. It’s almost the very definition of a ‘midnight movie’. A bloody and gory crowd-pleaser which uses comedy and hammy acting to create something which is both daft and fun. Peaches Christ’s horror works as long as you’re prepared to go with this conceit. If you’re prepared to overlook the rough edges, All About Evil is a hoot.

All About Evil is released on Blu-ray by Severin Films in the US on 10 June.

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