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Meet: The Coral’s James Skelly takes us through the inspirations for the new album ‘Coral Island’, the magic of memories, and how The Coral are the Robbie Fowler of the music industry.

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Feature: 2019 Favourites

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Features: Two Views, Radiohead & Super Furry Animals

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One of the best things I discovered when I moved to Sheffield was Tramlines. I’d never really heard of it (it was, to be fair, in its infancy then) but now it’s returning, this next weekend for its fifth and biggest year. Last year saw 80,000 turn the city centre into a huge (family) friendly …

It was with some excitement, and a little trepidation, that I took the first train down to London for the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A. To start with I did not have a ticket and hoped that the queue for the daily release of tickets would not be too well formed when I got …

It’s funny that one of the best labels distributing Folk, experimental, drone, Japanese alternative, avant garde and general ‘noise’ stuff is Blackest Rainbow records, here in Sheffield. not only that but they are specialists in physical media such as Lp and caught on very early to the resurgence in Cassettes. Of course, you can still download this …