Album Review; Porij release a statement album of smart and ambitious (synth) pop music with debut Teething

The Breakdown

Teething shows that Porij have the amibition and capability to make relevant and engaging pop music of the highest order. Don’t sleep on this record, it has to be one of the albums of 2024
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Porij’s eagerly awaited debut album is a sonic journey that defies expectations and embraces the chaotic energy of their creative process. Hailing from Manchester, the band’s eclectic mix of club tropes and indie pop elements creates a musical landscape that feels both familiar and refreshingly unique. With nods to their influences ranging from Disclosure to Radiohead, Porij’s music is a testament to their evolution and willingness to experiment.

Influenced by a diverse range of genres, Porij’s lyrical content delves into themes of love, identity, and introspection. Frontman Eggy uses the music as a platform to discuss queer identities, mental health, and other deeply personal topics, resulting in raw and emotionally charged lyrics. Each song on the album offers a glimpse into the band’s multifaceted universe, with Eggy’s introspective musings complemented by the band’s dynamic instrumentation.

Much of the album builds musical building blocks, carefully overlapped textures, instrumentation and melody to create this bright, almost impossible to ignore version of modern funk and Synthpop, right from the wobbly, teasing ‘Marmite’, through to the repose and ethereal pop of album closer Slow Down. It’s a consistently strong album throughout, with the chattering stethoscope heavy Unpredictable sitting comfortable with slower (or at least less dancefloor focused) numbers such as the eminently beautiful My Only Love, with its scattered percussion and repeating piano line making it a fragile slice of perfect pop.

The real heartbreak, at least melodically comes in the shape of Stranger, but Ghost runs it close, while the huge bass of Gutter Punch melts both your eardrums and your heartstrings at one point or another. Whichever floats your particular boat though, Teething shows that Porij have the amibition and capability to make relevant and engaging pop music of the highest order.

At its core, Porij’s music is a vivid pop experience driven by an urge to connect with listeners. Their live performances, which have garnered acclaim from audiences and critics alike, infuse their recordings with a fresh energy and vitality. As they embark on their debut album release and upcoming UK tour, Porij remains in a state of flux, constantly evolving and refining their sound. With their unique blend of rave-pop soliloquies, Porij is poised for greatness in the British music scene and beyond.

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