Swedish drone rockers The Janitors release glorious new single, Lies

The Janitors’ latest single, “Lies,” offers a haunting glimpse into their upcoming album, “An Error Has Occurred,” set to release on May 24th via Rocket Recordings.

With a sound seemingly a direct descendant of the Velvet Underground, the track is steeped in darkness and carries a slightly ominous aura. Of the track, the band say “It’s a bit of a double edged sword this song. It’s about lies by a specific person or the lying fat scumbags in power, your choice. Most songs on the album have that duality. It’s a pretty classic Janitors song. The one riff that just keeps going, and the old quiet/loud dynamic that we love from the Pixies,” effectively inviting listeners to ponder its themes of deceit and power. Despite its noisy exterior, “Lies” showcases the Janitors’ ability to craft melodies and hooks, providing a gripping musical experience.

Accompanied by a strobe-laden video by the talented Per Norman, the single further solidifies the band’s place in the realm of atmospheric rock.

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