Track: Dom Quincey Shines On Bedroom-Pop Sweller ‘Before My Eyes’

Blending R&B undertones with gentle alternative-pop tendencies, Dom Quincey’s new single ‘Before My Eyes’ is a delicate, vibrant and infectious new offering.

Built around a backing of muted synths, subtle guitars and lo-fi drums, Dom’s emotive, silky smooth lead vocals glide over ‘Before My Eyes’, extenuating its lazy beat and luscious synth backdrop. Shifting between it’s stripped first verse, the vocals move gracefully over the soulful, R&B chord structure to capture a honest, heartfelt sense of melancholy.

Building to a brilliantly constructed, climactic final chorus, the song is the perfect balance of accessible pop and well constructed musicality.

Discussing the release, Dom explains: 

“‘Before My Eyes’ is essentially a song about the yearning that comes in the wake of losing a loved one very suddenly. I started working on ideas for the song a couple of years ago, but it didn’t find its true meaning until after I experienced a traumatic loss. It’s the most vulnerable song I have put out.”

Listen below:

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