CPX:DOX Review: Into the Ice

The Greenland ice shelf

While the climate crisis may have been knocked off the frontpages by other global events, it has not, in any sense, gone away. Indeed, worrying news stories of record temperatures coming out of both Antarctica and the Arctic should cause everyone to pause and think. The difficulty of collecting accurate scientific data in order to inform the public of the true picture is a huge challenge. This phenomenon is new, to us as humans, so projections and best-guesses are often all we have to go on.

The Greenland ice sheet covers approximately 80% of the country. It’s the second largest body of ice in the world. This ‘inland sea’ could hold vital clues to many unanswered questions about climate change. Into the Ice follows three eminent glaciologists, Alan Hubbard, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Jason Box, as they journey toward the centre of the earth. Descending down a massive hole or moulin to record vital information.

Into the Ice captures the difficulties scientists face trying to collect accurate data about the rate at which the ice is melting. Lars Ostenfeld’s film documents this by watching them at work and listening to their opinions. As well as being informative, Into the Ice also highlights the beauty, majesty and dangers of the ice shelf. There are some jaw-dropping visuals which afford the audience a glimpse into what feels like a secret and almost alien world.

Into the Ice screens at CPH:DOX.

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