DVD Review: Heartless

Vampires are big business, just look at how much money the ridiculously bad Twilight saga has made. There’s a whole section of literature dedicated to the sub-genre and young adult fiction is chock-full of blood-sucking teens. The same can be said about TV. The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Being Human, Penny Dreadful and The Originals have all proved incredibly popular with audiences. Heartless adds a fresh twist to the mythology, creating a sexy and mysterious series based around a story around a curse.

Siblings Sofie (Julie Zangenberg) and Sebastian (Sebastian Jessen) enrol at a Danish boarding school desperate to discover evidence of their family and discover what lays behind the curse placed upon them. In order to survive they need to suck energy from other living creatures. The headmaster of the school is Henrik Just (Nicolaj Kopernikus), maintaining discipline through his senior prefects and ensuring the protection of his daughters by keeping them apart from other students.
Whilst Heartless is a teen drama it has very little in common with something like Twilight. It’s a very sexy show and it’s definitely not aimed at young teens. It’s surprisingly dark, often in ways you would never expect. There’s an interesting premise which is played out through good acting and a plot which twists and turns. Heartless is memorable drama which melds elements of horror, the supernatural and the occult to make highly watchable TV.

Heartless is released on DVD by Arrow Video on Monday.

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