Feature: Outlaw Orchestra Give Us A Track By Track Of Their New Album ‘Back Under The Covers’

Outlaw Orchestra’s new album ‘Back Under The Covers’ is a collection of covers that grew from backstage jamming and busking around the kitchen table while swapping instruments. The band give us a run through of the album’s tracks.

Intro ~ Come Together

The Album intro was nothing more than a very late night session that ended at 8am of myself playing my baritone guitar laying down triumphant layers of rock glory into a crescendo of orgasmic hip thrusting and audible cosmic stadium glory within the confines of my living room….. this segues into Come Together which is apt given preceding foreplay of musical lovemaking that opened the ensemble.

We love The Beatles and despite ‘Can’t Buy me Love” being one of the first songs I ever jammed on a badminton racquet at 5 years old, it was Aerosmith who showcased Come Together to my young rock ears. We love playing it live and wanted to capture our nod to the Fab Four.

Itchy Coo Park

There is very little in the 60 years of Rock’n’Roll that stands close to the genius of The Small Faces. Pageantry, talent and the Artful Dodger himself Steve Marriott leading the charge. Its a dangerous game to try and emulate the boys from London town but we love the song so much and thought “Why not, it doesn’t get enough air play and a younger audience might just check out The Small face back catalogue”.

Rocky Mountain Way

The Outlaw Orchestra play alot of slide guitar, pedal steel and lap steel and there is none more famous for slide than Joe Walsh. He also started his band as a five piece and life on the road made them a three piece as The James Gang named after the rogue outlaws themselves. What better way to salute Joe Walsh than covering his most famous track.

Cripple Creek

At seven years old I was made to sit and watch The Last Waltz, the swan song for The Band. Two hours of incredible musicians coming together to play hits with these five masters of their craft. I’ve watched it a million times since. I recall watching in awe Levon Helm sing Cripple Creek whilst laying down incredible drums. I wanted to be like guitarist Robbie Robertson so got myself a little cowboy hat. Its my Mum’s favourite song ever so figured at least one person will dig it.

Iron Fist

I first heard Iron Fist as a kid managing to record most of it from the radio on my cassette player. I’d never heard anything so heavy, I played it to death. It was the epitome of cool, badass, outlaw and I would sing it when out on my Grifter bike. Having toured with Phil Campbell & The Sons last year it was the obvious thank you to a rebellious childhood and a thank you to Phil & his sons whilst treating it carefully with our rock & western approach.

To the five artists above, We Salute You!

Check out the bands cover of Itchy Coo Park, below:

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

Read our interview with the band here

The album is available on all DSPs

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