Premiere: Arty Ziff says ‘ByeByeBaby’, a delicious wave of bubble pop melancholia featuring the velvet vocals of Jade Alice.

We are very pleased to premiere the silky smooth sibilant sounds of ‘ByeByeBaby’ from Arty Ziff, featuring the velvet vocals of singer Jade Alice. Arty Ziff is the nom de plume of Naarm/Melbourne-based producer, Mitch Kelly, whose mastery of the genre is confirmed with a pop-infused clarity in this new track.

Imbued with a neon pink shimmer throughout and a delicious serving of bubble gum pop melancholia, this is a gorgeous, lush piece of electronica with a melody that lingers in the senses like a heady dose of mesmerising perfume. Kelly says of the song:

‘ByeByeBaby’ is about the end of a relationship and not wanting to accept that it is really over. Realising the mistakes that you have made and wanting to try and fix it but the other person has already moved on. The sound is reminiscent of early 2010s house but with a modern disco influence.

The sound is aquatic with a constant ebb and flow, ear-tickling sounds that bubble and pop underneath the angelic and ethereal vocals provided by Alice that float across the surface. There is a Euro/Balearic feel that exudes sunshine and hedonism, grounded by the yearning feel. It really is the most aurally satisfying dose of goodness you will hear this year:

‘ByeByeBaby’ is out tomorrow (6 October) and you can pre-save here.

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