News: Mustafa Khetty Share Intricate & Emotive New Single ‘Steal For What?’

Morpheus Project, a progressive music collective spearheaded by the multi-talented creative Mustafa Khetty, unveils their newest single, ‘Steal for What?’

Offering a taste of the full upcoming 7-track release ‘On The Edge’ which is due for release August 16th, this hard-hitting diatribe offers a captivating listen with virtuoso musicianship, emotional intensity and thought-provoking lyricism.

Morpheus Project is renowned for their unique and boundary-defying approach to progressive music, infusing their compositions with a range of instrumentation – blending world music and elements of classical with their prog tendencies whilst capturing a flourishing sense of passion and intensity. Through the seamless collaboration of virtuoso musicians and boundless songwriting, the collective crafts a sound that defies convention.

‘Steal for What?’, serves as a powerful commentary on global corruption and wealth inequality. Morpheus Project combines explosive rock elements with intricate musicianship and multicultural influences, resulting in a rich sonic tapestry that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. The track features layers of flamenco-inspired nylon-strung guitars interwoven with captivating keyboard arrangements, driving drums, resonant basslines, and subtle electronic accents.

At the forefront of the song, the passionate and urgent lead vocal delivers a venomous performance, supported by tight harmonies that enhance the melodic yet pointed central hook. ‘Steal for What?’ is a musical journey that demands attention, providing a glimpse into the artistic depth and skillful execution that Morpheus Project has become synonymous with.

With their latest release, Morpheus Project continues to push the boundaries of progressive music, using their platform to shed light on pressing social issues. ‘Steal for What?’ invites listeners to reflect on the state of the world, urging them to question the pervasive corruption and wealth disparity that plagues societies worldwide. As Morpheus Project gear up for the release of ‘On The Edge,’ we eagerly anticipate the musical wonders that lie ahead, as the collective showcases their restless creativity and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Listen below:

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