Track: Berlin Post-Punks Kamoos release new single, Orang-Utans

Berlin-based post-punks Kamoos have returned, with a new line up, indcluding members of the Three Marias and Voodoo Beach, but still fronted and led by London-born front woman, Juliette Wallace. They’ve just released their new single – Orang-Utans, and with it comes a video shot by Juliette in lockdown.

Dark and moody, Orang-Utans creeps and prods at you, the drums driving and this persuasive guitar line sighing over the top. Wallace’s startling vocal is what really sets it apart, as she directs proceedings over everything, as the track builds in intensity, tipping its cap at rockabilly and psych as it does.

Essential stuff. Check it, and the similarly anxious video, here


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  1. Pre-punk - poster
    February 28, 2021

    The drums on this are amazing !!!

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