News: The Black Queen celebrate the fifth anniversary of their debut album with limited edition vinyl reissues and deluxe digital edition

American supergroup The Black Queen are set to mark the five year anniversary of their cult classic debut album, ‘Fever Daydream’, with the release of 2 vinyl reissues and a deluxe digital edition.

“In 20 years of making albums, there are a few that stand out as being really special. They felt special when they were being made, and they still stand-out after the passing of time. If every album is a point on a timeline, these points are a little bigger than the rest. Fever Daydream is one of those points,” says The Black Queen co-founder Greg Puciato. “We had no idea when we made it whether other people would connect to it in the way that we did, but it turns out that a decent amount of people did. This was the gateway into a lot for me on the release-side too, the genesis of what would become Federal Prisoner, and the start of a real passion for releasing records, and for owning my output. Personally, it was a really transitional time too, with a lot of growth happening, and I can hear all of that in this. We had a special bond as friends and musicians during the years that we spent making this, and a couple of my current closest relationships both personally and professionally were formed during this time. So we, and I, are proud to re-issue this, in new packaging, with new variants, and some extra stuff on the digital side. Thanks, everyone. We hope to see you at some shows before too long. Now back to the new record ;-). “

The vinyl reissue can be pre-ordered now (

There are two 2LP variants available: one featuring the recognizable TBQ Triangle in silver foil (1000 copies available) and a second featuring the logo in gold foil (500 available). The original, 2016 vinyl pressing was limited to 1500 copies and sold out upon release. A collection of Fever Daydream anniversary merch is also available via the Federal Prisoner webstore.

The deluxe digital re-release, which is available on Feb. 5 via Bandcamp includes the original ten songs as well as instrumental and vocal only versions of each track. Bonus recordings and demos round out the 5th anniversary edition.

Check out the track ‘Ice To Never’, below

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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