Track: Starsha Lee releases surprise new track – ‘You’re Not Enough’

The alternative punk rockers Starsha Lee have released a surprise track, ‘You’re Not Enough’.

Since signing to Syndicol Music, Starsha Lee have been massively productive, already releasing an album, an EP and multiple singles as well as constant touring. This new track is a sure sign that they have no intention of slowing down.

‘You’re Not Enough’ has a sinister swagger that is hard to pin down. Opening with a brief moment of lounge jazz and Sofia’s soft and delicate voice, it quickly gives way to something altogether different. Crushingly heavy, with a masterful groove by guitarist Crispin Gray. This is everything you want from a track like this. The soundtrack to a late night rendezvous.

Starsha Lee have already covered a lot of ground in their brief musical career, and this is yet another sign that they are heading towards something special.

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