Track: Brigitte Bardini releases evocative dream pop single ‘Wild Ride’

Hailing from that creative hotspot of Melbourne, Brigitte Bardini has released an enormously impressive dreamy single, ‘Wild Ride’, created almost entirely by herself in the confines of her home studio. Another byproduct of the explosion of creativity inspired by the travails of last year, perhaps, but nonetheless a wholly impressive track filled with sparkle and optimism.

Indeed the themes are personal. Bardini says of the lyrics:

(this)…is a coming of age track written about my decision to take a risk and pursue music full time.  It’s very fitting as I feel like it symbolises my entering further into the music industry, and is an opportunity for my audience to get to know me on a more intimate level due to the confessional lyrics.  

It’s a track that really took on a mind of its own, becoming relevant at every crossroad that has presented itself since I wrote the demo. It holds a great significance to me as it’s an open book and offers me nothing to hide behind, so I see it as a powerful tool to grow as a person and as an artist.

The result is a fitting display of Bardini’s musical and lyrical talents. Clearly her pursuit of music will be just as rewarding for the music scene.

The jangling guitars lines are swept on a wave of synths and strings, providing a sweeping vista for Bardini’s gorgeous vocals to glide over. Infused with melancholia, for sure, and yet powerful and declarative: a statement of intent.

I’m out of my mind
out of my head
I just gotta let this wild ride take me instead

The video, by producer WILK, captures the dream-like reverie of the track and infuses it with a psychedelic resonance:

You can stream/download the single here or get directly from the artist through the link below:

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