DVD Review: Score: A Film Music Documentary

Never underestimate the vital role music plays in any film. A score can make or break a movie. It can elevate a moment or inject emotion into a scene. One misstep can destroy tension which has been meticulously built or completely pull the audience out of the moment. Some of the most memorable moments in cinema, such as scenes from Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Psycho or Halloween, are synonymous with the accompanying music. Composing for film is an underrated and incredibly difficult art. Matt Schrader’s new film Score: A Film Music Documentary will show you why.

Through interviews with some of the Hollywood greats, including Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Howard Shore and Alexandre Desplat, we are given a glimpse inside the creative process and also into the different styles and methods involved. Schrader employs an impressive array of footage in order illustrate the points he’s trying to make. The ways music is used to express emotions and impart a message. Score: A Film Music Documentary demonstrates how music has a language all of its own.

Score: A Film Music Documentary is a tribute to all the talented artists out there working in the film industry today. It also makes you stop and think about the import role music plays in some of the most remarkable moments in cinema. Schrader has amassed an impressive ensemble, and along with archive interviews we get a great insight into the craft and logistics that goes into writing film scores. Score: A Film Music Documentary is a must for any film fans.

Score: A Film Music Documentary is released on VoD and DVD by Dogwoof on 2 April.

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